Noel Hendrickson Photography

Noel Hendrickson Photography

Noel Hendrickson Photography


Noel Hendrickson began his photographic journey off the Great Barrier Reef, sixty feet under water. He couldn't stop smiling as he peered through the viewfinder. The sea provided an altered perspective of form, color and light unlike anything he had witnessed on land. When he surfaced, his world had transformed, everything seemed fresh. From that point forward Noel focused on the subtleties of ordinary subjects that were previously unnoticed. Spying on the world above and on the creatures beneath will always make Noel giddy, whether he is hanging out of a helicopter, crawling through the muck or weightless under water. His clients are drawn to the artful nature in which he captures the essence of his subjects.


Noel Hendrickson Photography
338 west 8th avenue
v5y 3x2

GPS: 49.263801N, -123.111808E


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