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Carriage House Update

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Published: 2014-12-10 at 00:51:23

Laneway housing, also known as granny flats, coach or carriage houses tend to be one-and-a-half or two stories high, and typically built above or next to detached garages in narrow lots or laneways. The small homes were initially devised as mortgage helpers, or affordable suites for aging parents, young families and students, as part of Vancouver's eco-density plan. Homeowners in the past would build those smaller homes first and live in them while building a larger home for their growing family. Once they moved into the big house, the small home would then be rented out or in some cases, used as a stable or garage. But the focus now appears to be evolving in North Vancouver and Vancouver as parents look to the homes to help their adult children afford a house of their own. The City of North Vancouver has allowed carriage houses for some time now and recently the District of North Vancouver has approved these little homes.  An interesting time for the North Shore when it comes to addressing density and housing options.

Smallworks specializes in laneway or small home construction.

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