A New North Vancouver Real Estate Client testimonial from Ed and Masako Ryujin


Published: 2020-03-16 at 20:40:13

" March 2020 - We greatly appreciate the easy two-way communications skills, warm interpersonal abilities, and comprehensive knowledge of the real estate business that Scott Warner brought to help my wife and I decide if and when we want to downsize, what kind of future home we wanted, when to list our home and what financial challenges we faced. Scott gave invaluable guidance to work through each key issue. One of greatest challenge my wife and I faced was to integrate our different views of what we wanted in our future home; to decide which area of Vancouver we wanted to live in; and to determine where housing fits in with other life priorities. My wife places her highest priorities on quality of life factors such as nearness to family and friends, easy access to shopping, and proximity to medical support, whereas I tend to focus on practical, financial, and short term factors. Scott was most helpful as he showed patience while we wrestled with these basic questions; gave unbiased, professional advice when asked; and demonstrated good insight into reading the direction we were heading in. Scott also played key roles in helping us understand and take appropriate action on the home buying and selling processes. For example, Scott pointed out the pros and cons of each condo as we toured many older and newer condos. He also showed us techniques to assess the quality of each condo e.g. importance of reading the condo strata council minutes to gain knowledge about how well the condo building is managed and to identify potential major building concerns. When the single dwelling market improved during late 2019 due to low housing inventory and increasing demand, Scott demonstrated strong professional integrity, honesty and sincerity to let us decide if and when we would take advantage of the improved housing market. He also made many practical suggestions to better position our house for the current marketplace e.g. recommended good stager, basic house renovations, and ways to solve various financial problems With the successful purchase of our ideal condo and recently accepting an attractive offer for our home, we are very appreciative of the guidance and support that Scott gave us! Scott played a key role to help us define and find to the most suitable condo that meets our needs as well as to perfectly positioning our home for the current single dwelling market in our area. This was accomplished in a professional manner and with exceptional degree of effective two-way communications, patience and positive client-realtor relationships. Ed and Masako Ryujin "

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