Staging your home for sale

Staging your home for sale.

Home staging is essentially the art of selling an idea for a lifestyle, and setting the stage for a prospective home Buyer to envision them self living in the house. Once you have decided to sell your house, it is important to stage the home for sale and remove any emotions or sentimental feelings towards it. It is now a product for your real estate agent to sell.

The main objective of staging your home is to sell the house and not the contents / d├ęcor in the house. A properly staged home will maximize the value of each showing by highlighting the house's best features. With so many shows on the DIY and HGTV networks we can become overwhelmed with what home staging actually is. Here are some tips from Scott Warner:

If you know you are moving in the near future, begin clearing and packing boxes as soon as you know what your selling plan is. A key part in the home staging process is to pack away everything that you won't be using during the home selling period. You won't believe how much we can accumulate over time. If possible put the packed boxes in the garage or a storage locker, but ensure that if the boxes are kept in your home, that they are stacked and organized neatly.

The next stage in the process of staging your home for sale is to remove clutter and eliminate personal items. Let a beautiful hotel room be your inspiration, with neutral art work, zero clutter and almost no personal items. Home staging can be a more difficult process when there are children involved, but get them in as part of the decision making process and pretty soon they will be staging the home like little pro's.

Staging your home for sale

Your home should be as bright and light as possible. Aim for 100 watts of light for every 50 square feet (be aware of the different light offered from Incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED lights) and don't forget natural light - remember to open blinds and curtains. In your main living areas there should be 3 types of lighting -- task, ambient and accent.

The goal of staging your home is to get potential buyers to see themselves living in the house, so it is imperative that you get rid of any smells. Have an honest neighbour or friend come over and let you know if they can smell anything, particularly if you have animals.

Staging your home for sale

Deep clean. The last step when staging your home can be time consuming, but well worth it and probably the most important tip. Scrubbing the fronts of your cupboards, removing dust from the baseboards, spraying and wiping down all appliances, vacuuming under beds are all part of it. As you are decluttering and deep cleaning you are also creating a more spacious feeling in the home. For example moving winter clothes into storage now gives you more closet space.

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